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With the track-record of support for 58 tenders and major proposals since 2011 - submitting tenders and evaluating tenders - Braidwood Consulting delivers expert, impartial support in two areas - 

1. Win-strategy development: we model the perspective of an Evaluator who has to justify the selection of a bidder.

2. Test-and-improve support: we evaluate proposals and tenders to ensure they are structured and written to maximise evaluation scores.

‘Matt’s coaching through a simple effective Test/Improve process made a real difference to our competitive positioning and ultimately our win-rate

Mark Norton, General Manager, Visionstream Pty Ltd (February 2016)

To reduce your time having to explain your industry, we have recent experience in the following industries - 

* Defence contracting in aerospace and naval capabilities; facilities operations and maintenance.

* Fixed and rotary wing aircraft acquisition, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

* Airport infrastructure - design, build, operate and maintain.

* Major transport technology - bridges, tunnels, roads and rail (design, build, operate and maintain).

* Water treatment technology and infrastructure - design, build, operate and maintain.

* Rail technology - refresh and maintain.

* Oil and gas - operate and maintain.

* Telecommunications: critical infrastructure design, build, operations and maintain.

* ITS for major roads - design, build, operate and maintain.

* Enterprise software and print services

* Pharmaceutical

* Health insurance

We have recent experience with the business culture and environments in these countries - 

  • Australia
  • China
  • Malaysia
  • India
  • Singapore
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • South Korea