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  • Business coaching available on NSW South Coast

    Braidwood Coaching has opened a new office on the South Coast of NSW, which the workplace coaching company says was the next logical step in helping local business owners and employees to grow and strengthen.

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  • Workplace coaching for millennials – what they really want

    We recently conducted interviews with millennials (graduates) who are in their first career job out of university or college about what they want from professional development coaching, and here are our observations on two of most important implications for providers of coaching services.

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  • What to bring to your first workplace coaching session

    Workplace coaching completely focuses on you and your needs. It is a time to step back, examine the situations that are causing problems from a different perspective. It is finding new solutions to old problems.

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  • Mental fatigue at work – that’s just normal, right?

    Well, no. At work, mental fatigue has a similar effect to stress although for different reasons: for each of us, there is a level at which mental fatigue at work causes fitful sleep, more frequent relationship problems and increasing pressure at work. How we cope with mental fatigue boils down to whether we are conscious of it or not.

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  • Why Managers don't make good workplace coaches?

    Workplace coaching is still being referred to as ‘the new general management skill’ but there is solid research that should convince us not to train our line managers as workplace coaches.

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  • I’ve already trained my salespeople – more than once

    – why are we still not seeing Key Opportunities early enough to engage meaningfully with Decision-makers before a tender comes out? Well, you mightn’t like the answer, but here’s the truth

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  • How can you increase the win-rate of tenders when there are so many variables?

    Yes, there are many variables, not the least of which is clients being unpredictable in their decision-making processes. In a win/loss debrief, when I hear my Client say to their Client ‘I thought you said we were your Preferred supplier’, then I listen up! But the good news is that everyone bidding for a tender – particularly a government tender - tends to accept that situation. So you need to reduce the effect of some variables to be ahead of your competition. How?

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