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Business coaching available on NSW South Coast

Braidwood Coaching has opened a new office on the South Coast of NSW, which the workplace coaching company says was the next logical step in helping local business owners and employees to grow and strengthen.

‘Being a business in a small town can be rewarding but also lonely, hard work. And NSW South Coast businesses are not immune to business struggles. They also have their own regional specific anguishes. Workplace coaching is relatively new in the South Coast.’ says Matt Featherstone, founder and director of Braidwood Coaching.

Braidwood Coaching aims to provide support and guide local South Coast businesses so they can evolve and contribute to the dynamic and sustainable regional, rural communities and beyond.   

Business coaching finds clarity

Business coaching, also known as workplace coaching provides clarity of problems and challenges and helps to resolve these by generating options and keeping us focused on doing what we said we would do.

A workplace coach feels like you’ve got someone who is always ‘in your corner’ helping you to do the things that are in your best interests.

‘Workplace coaching can be applied throughout a business, from the owners to new staff who are not quite hitting the mark to issues between work mates and handling difficult customers’, says Matt.

Workplace coaching opens your options

Rebecca from Milton on the NSW South Coast has participated in Matt’s workplace coaching services. ‘Working with Matt gave me a much better understanding of what my options were.’

Rebecca adds ’Matt helped me look at both my professional and personal life ‘traits’ to identify the ones blocking my way and to encourage me to accelerate the ones which will ultimately lead me to where I want to go. I now understand the importance of responding rather than reacting. He has taught me not to tackle the professional and personal hurdles head on, you need a game plan. It makes sense to have someone on the sidelines coaching you to be the best you can be.’

‘We are thrilled to become a part of the thriving business network on the NSW South Coast with business coaching.’ says Matt..

Stop struggling and get that jump in your step back. 

Its time to get back the enjoyment of your business and the beautiful lifestyle of the NSW South Coast.  For a free half hour session, or more information on how workplace coaching can boost you and your business, please contact Matt on 0408 756 929.

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