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Where to turn for help for your NSW South Coast business during and after the bush fire crisis - FREE coaching

By Liz Haywood

Our heart breaks for all the people and communities who have been so severely affected by the Australian bushfires. It is an absolute disaster on so many levels for an extraordinary number of people.

How do we bounce back from the NSW South Coast bushfires?

While the focus is on the burning bushfires, we are already seeing the strength of the human spirit and the braveness of communities determined to not let these bushfires destroy their lives and townships.

Most business owners already know the effects these bushfires have and will continue to have on their lives. When you have limited strength to clean up the, there isn’t much left in the tank to work on your business. This is where Braidwood Coaching can help.

Free business and personal coaching sessions for NSW South coast businesses

We are part of the Lake Conjola and Bendalong community. Braidwood Coaching is offering free business coaching sessions to local businesses, residents and support workers to help you deal with the stress and the hurdles you now face as a result of the NSW South Coast bushfires.

Braidwood Coaching’s Matt Featherstone will be conducting these sessions. Matt has a degree in Psychology from Macquarie University, a Level 1 International Coaching accreditation form IECL and a certificate in Counselling from the University of Sydney. He has 34 years’ experience in workplace coaching, facilitation and training with Australian and global businesses.

How these free sessions can help

The free sessions will help you to come up with a realistic approach to achieve your goals and move forward. The focus will be on giving you a clearer, objective view of where you are right now and how you will get to where you need to be.

We use the Whitmore’s ‘conversational coaching’ approach which works well over coffee.

At the end of the session, you will take away one or two steps you have decided on, and your coach will help you achieve those steps.

The 45 minute sessions are fully confidential, and are held in a local Milton and Ulladulla coffee shop convenient to you. There is a limit of 3 sessions per person.

Here’s more help with the Australian bushfire crisis

We know you are going to need support in so many different ways over the next months and year. We have compiled a list of helpful links outlining the different types of assistance that is currently available.

As more assistance becomes available, we will add it to this list.

Returning to your property after the NSW South Coast bushfire

If your property has been damaged or destroyed by the bushfire, there are safety precautions you need to undertake. NSW SafeWork have produced a fact sheet of the property hazards following a bushfire to make you aware of the potential dangers and how to keep you and your family safe when you return to your home.

If your livestock have been severely weakened or seriously injured by the bushfires, here is information from the RSPCA on what to do.

Financial help during the bushfire crisis

With thousands of homes and businesses damaged and destroyed in the bushfires Australian families can get help with financial assistance. This detailed article complete with contact links and details includes the government departments who can help, the support offered by the Big Four banks, the charities who have set up assistance, as well as utilities offering bill relief and insurance help.

Free legal help for bushfire victims

The government has set up the Disaster Response Legal Service offering free legal help. Individuals, households and business people can call a single hotline for legal advice from the Disaster Response Legal Service, from which they will be referred to an appropriate lawyer – whether they are from Legal Aid or the private legal profession.

Call the Disaster Response Legal Service hotline on 1800 801 529

Tax affairs and bushfire affected areas

For individuals and businesses in the NSW South Coast, the ATO is helping those affected in the bushfires by granting deferrals for lodgements and payments dues.

If you are on the identified impacted postcode, you don’t need to apply for these deferrals, they are automatic. The NSW South Coast bushfire postcodes currently on the identified list, as at 7th January 2020, include – 2534, 2535, 2536, 2538, 2539, 2540, 2541, 2577, 2622

More information can be found at here on the ATO website under Bushfires 2019-20.

Small business and bushfire disaster recovery help

There is a variety of options and help available for small businesses in the NSW South Coast affected by the bushfires. The Shoalhaven City Council has listed the numerous support avenues that is available to all businesses who have had property damaged or destroyed, experienced disrupted business or reduced income – from allowances, grants, loans right through to clean-up services. It’s all here.

Promote your NSW South Coast business for free!

Turia Pitt has launched SpendWithThem on Instagram to be a platform for small businesses to promote themselves and their products. One of the first brands promoted was Akwa Surf in the town of Milton in New South Wales that holds a special place in Ms Pitt’s heart.

Simply send an email to spendwiththem@turiapitt.com some product images and instructions on how people can buy (online/phone businesses only at the moment as they can’t encourage visitors to the towns until they are safe) to list your business on their Instagram feed. With over 100k followers at the time of writing and the local businesses listed getting an overwhelming response – why wouldn’t you?

Please forward this article to someone you think may need some help.

Don’t feel alone, there is lots of support and assistance out there. Ask around, people are only too willing to help or know someone who can help.

Contact us now here to talk about how Matt can help you or a loved one, even if it’s just to have a chat. Let’s start rebuilding.

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