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What to bring to your first workplace coaching session

Workplace coaching completely focuses on you and your needs. It is a time to step back, examine the situations that are causing problems from a different perspective. It is finding new solutions to old problems.

A successful coaching program begins with clear goals, an open mind and collaborative preparation. With this viewpoint, you will more likely gain deeper insights, valuable knowledge, and new tools, all of which will help you manage your position and career more effectively.

The success of your coaching program is based on your willingness to engage in the process.

What to bring to your first workplace coaching session?

Bring an active mind

Firstly, bring an active mind! The coaching process we’ll use together needs you to be curious as to why and how and where and when and what and what if.

You will learn a lot more if you come ready to experiment.


Secondly, ready yourself to feel a particular type of tension that comes from experimenting. Sometimes, our experiments will work and sometimes they won’t, but you’ll learn either way.

The ‘tension’ is nature’s way of telling you that you’re learning!

Set your goals

Thirdly – and most importantly – come with some clear goals in mind, the more specific the better.

Workplace coaching is about you achieving your goals, so reflect on where you’re at, and what you want to achieve, and then enjoy the discovery process.

The point of these coaching sessions is for you to succeed and for this to happen you need to be engaged and look at yourself from another perspective.

We spend the time helping you relax and develop a relationship, working together.  Got any questions, please contact us now,

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